Canadian Scrap Metal Recycling Made Easy

Power Metal Recycling Inc. provides convenient catalytic converter and scrap metal recycling services in Canada. As a trusted catalytic converter recycler to clients across the country, our company is dedicated to establishing long-lasting business relationships through superior customer service, accurate grading and highly competitive pricing.

Your Canadian Catalytic Converter Recycler

Do you have a steady supply of used catalytic converters and other scrap metals to sell? Would you like to create a more permanent solution for your metal recycling needs? Work with Power Metal Recycling, and discover just how convenient and profitable catalytic converter recycling in Canada can be when you do business with an honest, trustworthy partner.

Unmatched Convenience

Offering customizable retrieval services, we work with you to determine the most convenient method of collecting your Canadian catalytic converters. You can schedule a scrap metal pick up service, request a delivery container or drop off your items in person.

Unbeatable Pricing

Using the latest technology in the industry, our grading experts calculate the most accurate yield of platinum group metals (PGM) from your recycled catalytic converters. This results in the greatest valuation of your materials, and thus the best prices.

Your Preferred Payment Method

In keeping with our commitment to making scrap metal and catalytic converter recycling as convenient as possible, we offer multiple forms of payment. Whether you choose per piece grading or refining options, we can provide payment in cash, by check or through a wire transfer.

Contact Power Metal Recycling for Your Scrap Metal Recycling Needs

If you’re ready to partner with our dependable catalytic converter recycling company in Canada, contact us today by calling 905-361-2458. One of our skilled scrap metal recycling professionals would be happy to schedule a pick up or delivery.

Power Metal Recycling is a proud provider of catalytic converter recycling services in Mississauga, Ontario and throughout Canada.

Recycling scrap metals & converters from all over Canada

Prioritizing honesty, convenience & value for our customers

Grading catalytic converters with industry-leading technology

Offering the best value for scrap metal & catalytic converters

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