Sell Scrap Metal to the Premier Scrap Metal Recycling Company in Canada

Trustworthy and reliable, Power Metal Recycling Inc. provides the best customer service and scrap value in Canada. Whether you’re selling in large or small quantities, we offer unbeatable prices for catalytic converters and scrap metal, inviting long-term business partnerships with our clients.

Advantages to Recycling Your Catalytic Converters with Power Metal Recycling

Do you have a steady volume of catalytic converters that you want to sell, but don’t want the hassle of constantly searching for buyers? Power Metal Recycling tailors its recycling services to fit your needs, offering pick ups as well as convenient drop-off locations. We have established partnerships with a number of different scrap metal sellers in Canada:

  • Scrap yards
  • Auto Recyclers
  • Towing companies
  • Muffler shops
  • And more!

If you have catalytic converters to sell, you can rest assured that Power Metal Recycling will offer you the most convenient services and best prices available for your scrap metal.

Maximize Your Catalytic Converter Return on Investment

From platinum group metals to other scrap metals, Power Metal Recycling offers the highest possible value to our clients. Utilizing advanced technology and transparent evaluation processes when recycling your scrap metals in Canada, we offer two different methods of calculating the worth of your recycled catalytic converters:

  • Per piece grading
  • Refining option

Contact Our Canada Scrap Metal Buying Company Today

If you’re interested in selling scrap metal or catalytic converters, contact us at 905-361-2458 today. We’d also be happy to answer any questions you may have about our scrap metal recycling services in Canada.

Power Metal Recycling is proud to provide convenient services for companies wishing to sell catalytic converters in Mississauga, Ontario and throughout Canada.

Recycling scrap metals & converters from all over Canada

Prioritizing honesty, convenience & value for our customers

Grading catalytic converters with industry-leading technology

Offering the best value for scrap metal & catalytic converters

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