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Power Metal Recycling Inc. Buys Scrap Metal in Canada

Are you a scrap yard, towing company, muffler shop or metal recycler in Canada looking for a reliable partner to recycle scrap metals? Power Metal Recycling Inc. buys and recycles ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, including ACR’s, rims, batteries, AC Compressors, starters, alternators, aluminum, steel, copper, iron, lead and much more.

Competitive Scrap Metal Prices Available

If you’re looking for a great return for your Canada scrap metal parts, come to Power Metal Recycling. Owing to our expansive network of partners, we are able to accommodate your personalized needs, as well as the volume, frequency and contents of your scrap metals.

We make it a point to be as transparent as possible in the valuation of your scrap metals, offering the most accurate prices in your favor!

More Than Just a Scrap Metal Recycling Company in Canada

When we say we’re more than just scrap metal recycling company, we mean more than one thing. First, we buy more than simply scrap metal. In fact, we purchase and recycle a variety of metal-based products in Canada:

  • Engines, radiators and electric motors
  • Batteries, catalytic converters and rims
  • Compressors, alternators and more

The second thing we mean, is that when we do business, we treat you as our friend, and we’d like to be yours. As your trusted friend, Power Metal Recycling is here to handle all of your metal recycling needs.

Contact Your Canada Scrap Metal Recycling Partner Today

Whether you have questions about our Canada scrap metal recycling services or want to schedule a pick up, contact Power Metal Recycling today at 905-361-2458

Power Metal Recycling proudly provides convenient and trusted scrap metal recycling services in Mississauga, Ontario and throughout Canada.

Recycling scrap metals & converters from all over Canada

Prioritizing honesty, convenience & value for our customers

Grading catalytic converters with industry-leading technology

Offering the best value for scrap metal & catalytic converters

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